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Our investors have received $100M in returns from us

Traditionally, the solid, stable consistent returns of commercial real estate have been unreachable for most investors. The challenge?  Accessibility.  Unless you have $10s or $100s of millions to invest.

No more.  Get your fair share !


Commercial grade real estate investment - At your pace

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what are people saying about my vertical equity

what are people saying about my vertical equity

"The MVE team are amazing to work with. I highly recommend them because they treat me like family"

Alex C

Professional Real Estate Investor, MVE investor for 1 year

"From my perspective as an investor, the most important is transparency and the right team. You have better knowledge of market and situation."

Barbara S

Professional Real Estate Investor, MVE investor for 4 years

"MVE has won the trust and respect of me and my co-investors and we look forward to investing with MVE in future opportunities"

Robert C

Corporate Executive, MVE investor for 4 years

"We are already looking at other investment opportunities with a longer-term goal of continued partnership with the MVE team to help us meet our financial goals"

Tim B

Construction Executive, MVE investor for 4 years

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How it Works

How it Works

Bring real estate into your portfolio

We provide buying power to make commercial real estate opportunities accessible.  To you.  Today.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor looking to transition into your next investment ASAP or brand new to commercial real estate market, you need access to a broad set of investment options in the fastest growing areas of the US and access to an award winning team with deep investment expertise.

Each property available for investment is put through a rigorous course of due diligence, profitability analysis, income assessment and performance assessment


Invest what makes sense for your goals

Invest like a real estate titan, but at your pace and with bite sized pieces.   Select from a wide range of commercial property investment options.  Invest in multiple property types and in red hot real estate locations across the US.

Start small.  Grow your portfolio over time

Liquid when you need it to be

We demystify real estate investment and make plain exactly what you are investing in and when you can expect your above industry average returns.  

Need to adjust or sell your investment?  No problem.  We provide you quick, easy access to a robust marketplace of highly sought after and interested buyers.

Invest the traditional way or using crypto's blockchain technology !


Have 5 minutes to review properties and invesment options?  It’s easy !

Who says

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samples of recent red hot investments

Apartment Building

Summertown Apartments

Investor IRR - 20%

191 row houses and garden-style apartments in Meridian, ID – a highly desirable submarket of Boise.  One of the top three fastest growing markets in the US

Investment Period - 3 years

Industrial Building

Mossy Head Industrial

Investor IRR - 19%

Triple net industrial building.  50k sq ft. on 6 acres of land. 10 year lease in place.  Existing tenant will be adding $3.5M of improvements for their production efforts.

Investment Period - 5 years

Apartment Building

Greenhurst Meadows

Investor IRR - 19.5

A 60-unit apartment complex comprised of three 3-story buildings on a 3.09-acre site in central Nampa. Located approximately 20 miles west ofthe state capital and largest city.

Investment Period - 18 months

Apartment Building

Central Park Commons

Investor IRR - 18%

A 180-unit, multifamily project in  a high growth submarket less than 20 minutes from Downtown Boise, and within minutes from The Village at Meridian, a popular shopping and entertainment district.

Investment Period - 7 years

Have 5 minutes to review properties and invesment options?  It’s easy !

Unprecedented access to Industry expertise.  Free !

Analysis and Insights

Land Investing the Right Way

Interested in investing in your first piece of land but not sure how? Then this is the episode for you! Today’s guest is Mark Podolsky, aka The Land Geek, and the founder of Frontier Properties. He joins Shannon Robnett to discuss how to successfully create passive income through land investing! 

Affordable Real Estate Investments

How do you make affordable real estate investments? We answer that question and more in this episode as Shannon Robnett interviews investing coach and property educator Lisa Phillips. Lisa talks about how investing out of state for your first property is easier than you think and understanding new ideas and success stories of making real estate investing work by shifting your mindset.

Multifamily Investing

Investing in multifamily properties is a great way to leverage capital in the world of real estate. In this episode, Kent Ritter and I talk about how his company, Hudson Investing, has gained profit through small multifamily investing and how Kent uses technology to add value for his tenants.

Using Blockchain Technologies to Bring Liquidity to Real Estate Investing 

There’s a lot of things you can do to make money. Real estate is probably the most tax-advantaged way to do that. Matthew Sullivan sits down for a conversation with Shannon Robnett about cash flow and using blockchain technologies to bring liquidity to real estate investing.

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Let's Chat !

Collaborate with our award winning, industry leading real estate investment experts to assess the strategy that best suits your goals

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