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Why us !

My Vertical Equity is a real estate investment and property management firm with a focus on US multifamily apartments and industrial properties. Our performance is a function of focus, local knowledge, strong networks, deep research and well-documented processes and systems.

We are now unlocking the opportunity to all investors to create wealth for themselves by dividing their commercial real estate investments through blockchain-based tokens. We are partnering to create a diversified portfolio of properties situated in the best locations, spread throughout high growth areas. 

Partner with us and gain unprecedented access to industry expertise.  

Check out our team below. Their wealth of knowledge including

actionable advice on wholesaling, fix and flips, single-family, multi-family, and more.


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our experts (available to you!)

Shannon Robnett

Founder & CEO

Shannon is a Real Estate Developer and Syndicator with a principal focus on Multifamily and Industrial real estate.

His accomplishments include:

• A history of over $140MM in successful developments

• Involved in over $250MM in construction projects ranging from multi-family, office buildings, and municipal buildings to schools, industrial projects, and mini storage

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Courtney Moeller

Business Development Lead

Courtney is a Real Estate Investor with a principal focus on Multifamily real estate in Florida, as well as Syndication in the oil and gas industry in Texas.

Her accomplishments include:


Involved in Real Estate investing for 10 years

U.S Navy Veteran

Bitcoin and Crypto investor

Involved in the exploration and drilling over 60+ wells

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Kristi Bentley

Client Service Executive

Kristi believes that it is MVE's responsibility to know real estate development inside and out so you don’t have to. We are always excited to work with investors who share our passion for this industry, but we also are prepared to take on the responsibility of our clients’ investments--to grow them into something they could not have grown by themselves. We enjoy being the factor that takes investing to the next level for all of our partners.

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Why invest with cryptocurrencies ?

What are cryptocurrencies?

This is a seemingly simple question, but since most people answer about what they think, hope, or want cryptocurrencies to be, it is a confusing one. Cryptocurrencies are a digital asset that started as a medium of exchange for people to buy goods and services. Over time, their functionality has expanded.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain, simply stated, is a decentralized digital ledger. Information is processed and verified by thousands of computers that are “hashing” and verifying information that is input. Once the information is verified to be accurate, it is written onto a block as a hash and stored there forever and it is immutable which means it cannot be changed. Each time information is input, it is stored on a new block with the hash from the previous block.

Are Blockchain and cryptocurrencies the same?

No. Blockchain is the technology that allows for cryptocurrencies to work. It is a decentralized and digital ledger of transactions used for cryptocurrencies and other assets/functions. It is important to separate the technology behind cryptocurrencies from the actual cryptocurrencies.

How are cryptocurrency transactions recorded?

Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a shared, digital ledger called a blockchain. This is decentralized technology, spread across many computers, that records every transaction.

What is a crypto wallet?

Simply put, crypto wallets are places to store digital assets more securely than just on an exchange. You hold your wallet via an exchange account, custody wallet, or outside of the exchange. You can establish an online or “hot” wallet that is internet connected—to your desktop, table or mobile phone. There is also the option to store on a device that is not connected to the internet (“cold” wallet). Cold wallets are the most secure way to store your cryptocurrency, but they are meant for longer-term holdings as they are not connected to the internet. With cold storage, you must remember your private keys (identifier number for your cryptocurrency).

Beyond a method of payment, what are other functions of are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency value can be pegged to underlying asset such as U.S. dollar, central bank digital currencies, privacy coins (senders and receivers are anonymous), governance tokens (gives owners the right to vote in decisions regarding blockchain’s future development), utility tokens, and non-fungible tokens (distinct characteristics from all others). This is from a developer/development side. Of course, there are also investors and speculators who are hoping for appreciation. It is very important you know the intent and functionality of cryptocurrency you own or are considering owning.

Bottom line, why should I invest in Real Estate using Digital Securities?

● Combining blockchain & real estate gets you crypto with cash flow.

● With real estate backed tokens, your wealth can be easily divided and passed on to future generations.

● With blockchain real estate investment, you can invest in high quality property from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost.

● With security token ownership of real estate, property rights can easily be distributed on a worldwide scale

● Using blockchain in real estate gives investors all over the world the opportunity to invest in high quality commercial real estate.

● Blockchain real estate is creating a whole new liquidity protocol for tangible assets.

● The blockchain revolution will radically distribute value creation.

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